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Climbing Plant Support

Spiraclimb was first developed by Steven Kaack; then manager of Godolphin Nurseries in Cornwall. His ingenious invention was giving him the ability to get three meters of growth on one metre of cane, a great achievement as many climbing plants such as Clematis only grow to this height. Both wholesale and retail customers began to ask him where the Spiraclimb could be bought, so, in spring of 2000 Steven launched Spiraclimb as a retail product.

Since then, Spiraclimb has gone from strength to strength. In January 2007, the day to day running of Spiraclimb was handed over to Matthew Twynam who is keen to build on Spiraclimb's success and raise the profile of this most unique of gardening tools. Exciting ideas have brought a new energy - and a new look - to Spiraclimb with an element of fun running alongside the serious business of promoting and raising awareness of this unique and award winning garden product.

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An advertising and re-branding effort (of which this website is part) has already seen the product's profile rise nationally and we are continuing to seek new retail outlets as well as make direct sales to our domestic customers through this website.

Spiraclimb's worldwide sales now exceed 100,000 and we are confident that this number will rise still further as gardeners fall in love with Spiraclimb and the outstanding results that can be achieved with it.

Spiraclimb is a Cornish company, now based on the ourskirts of Bodmin. The Spiraclimb climbing plant support is UK manufactured and despatched direct from us assuring rapid service and no extra costs.

Steven Kaack continues to be involved in the success of his invention and by adding further expertise to the team, Spiraclimb's success seems assured - which is good news for all those gardeners who have come to love the results they can achieve with it.