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Climbing Plants & Spiraclimb
Patio Plant Support

Spiraclimb is a highly flexible plant growth improver and climbing plant support. It has a wide variety of applications across a selection of plant species and can be used in many settings around the home and garden.

In this section you can learn more about Spiraclimb success at achieving stunning results wherever and whatever you are seeking to grow! We offer tips and advice about growing in different settings as well as information on climbing plant species with which we have seen particularly successful results.

For beginners, Spiraclimb can be the first step into the world of topiary. Spiraclimb is an effective topiary product that produces an attractive yet simple shape and a very eye catching garden feature.

Topiary Product

One of Spiraclimb's unique selling points is its space saving design which allows you to comfortably grow a range of climbing plants in your conservatory - without them taking over! We have given some suggestions for plants that you might like to try growing in your conservatory using the Spiraclimb climbing plant support.

Climbing patio and tub plants can traditionally be problematic as supporting them can be tricky - particularly if their position is exposed. Spiraclimb is a self-supporting structure that keeps growth confined and avoids "top-heavy" growth that is vulnerable to wind and heavy rain. Take a look in our patio & tub plants section for some growing ideas.

Our hints section provides some general good advice on the care of climbing plants and use of the Spiraclimb. We have also included some detailed information on the growing and care of clematis plants.