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Spiraclimb - "One of those revolutionary gardening tools".

As gardening tools go, Spiraclimb is one of those rare "why didn't I think of that" inventions. It completely removes the need for trellis work and provides you with the flexibility to grow climbing plants in any garden location.

Gardening tools exist to take the effort out of gardening whilst assisting you to achieve good results. Spiraclimb removes a great deal of effort from growing climbing plants. The Spiraclimb climbing plant support is entirely self-supporting and requires no effort to construct. Compared to setting up and maintaining trellis work, Spiraclimb really is a time saver!

Climbing Plant Support

Climbing plants, whether indoor climbing plants or garden climbers can be easily trained up the Spiraclimb as they grow. There is no need for string or tape and when your climbing plant reaches the top of the Spiraclimb you simply train it back down again. The plant does the work - not you!

The final advantage of this gardening tool is that it opens up the possibility of growing climbing plants in just about any location. With growth confined to a spiral around the upright cane, the smallest of courtyard or patio gardens can now host stunning climbers from a bed or from patio tubs. Spiraclimb offers you the chance to try something new and innovative in your garden whilst saving you time and effort.

If only all garden tools did that!

Gardening "tools of the trade" that compliment Spiraclimb!

The basic additional item required for a Spiraclimb is a standard garden cane approx 1m in length. If you are intending to grow from a tub or container, this needs to be of a reasonable size, firstly to contain the diameter of the Spiraclimb and secondly to avoid becoming "top heavy" as the plant grows. Examples of the type of containers we have found effective can be seen in our photo gallery.

Good compost and plant feed. This is very much a key to success. Specialist patio tub compost is rich in nutrients and will retain moisture better than topsoil from your garden. Many varieties have slow-release nutrients included that will really boost your plant's growth. Supplement this with plant feed after the first few weeks of growing season (or from day one if you are using garden soil) and your plant should thrive!