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GIMA Award Winners - New Product of the Year 2000

The Garden Industry Manufacturer's Association (GIMA) describe their awards as the "Oscars of the garden retail supply industry" and Spiraclimb is very proud to have won the "New Product" GIMA Award in 2000.

GIMA Award

A GIMA Award is recognition from a panel of the leading figures in the industry of a product's quality, having been judged against many other products. Receiving this award was a real highlight in Spiraclimb's development, recognising that here was a product that works "as advertised" to introduce something new to gardens.

The GIMA Awards and the New Product Award in particular, are very much about innovation as well as recognising manufacturing quality. In the case of Spiraclimb, our product genuinely offers something new; not just as a product but in that it allows gardeners to bring something new to their gardens. With Spiraclimb, patios, courtyard gardens, conservatories and any number of styles of container garden can include climbing plants that will look elegant, can grow and thrive, but won't take up excessive room.

For what appears to be a simple design, Spiraclimb's development required quite a bit of work. The steel has to be of just the right flexibility (and galvanised) as well as being manufactured into quite an unusual shape - the "hooks" at either end require specialist machines to produce.

Spiraclimb's consistent manufacturing quality is the result of our decision to opt for specialist manufacturing processes for quality over any design compromise that might have made the product less durable.

Spiraclimb allows the gardener themselves to be innovative; trying new ideas and introducing new plant species to their garden which is what we believe a genuinely innovative garden product should do. The panel of experts from GIMA agreed!