Transform Your Garden With Spiraclimb!
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How to use
Climbing Plant Support

Getting professional results from your climbers using the Spiraclimb climbing plant support could not be easier. Simply follow the easy steps below for stunning displays!

  1. Take a Spiraclimb and a stout 1m cane
  2. Hook the top of the Spiraclimb over the top of the cane
  3. Hook the opposite end of the Spiraclimb over the bottom end of the cane
  4. Pot your climbing plant and push the cane, complete with Spiraclimb, into the compost at the edge of the pot
  5. Twist on plant growth around the Spiraclimb
  6. Occasionally lend a helping hand as your climbing plant continues to grow
  7. If necessary, train growth back down the Spiraclimb again when it reaches the top
Indoor Climbing Plants

This method of creating spiral growth around the central cane can be applied to just about any climbing plant and works equally well in patio tubs or in the conservatory. If your garden lacks upright support, the Spiraclimb can be used to provide the framework for your climbing plants at a fraction of the cost of other structures.

As a centrepiece for a bed, the Spiraclimb is the ideal climbing plant support as growth is confined, given an attractive shape, and will not over dominate the rest of your display. For a real eye-catching centrepiece, why not use your Spiraclimb to create a topiary spiral?

Using a Spiraclimb climbing plant support removes the need for taping and for cane-top caps. The top of the cane is covered by the hook removing the threat of the sharp tip. Because your climbing plant is twisted onto the Spiraclimb from an early stage, there is no need to "tie" the plant to the support - it will grow on itself, with the occasional encouragement - creating a natural grip far stronger than anything the gardener can create!

An additional benefit for you is that training the plant is a very quick job so you will save both time and money to achieve a more attractive end result.