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Spiraclimb is supplied wholesale to a range of successful garden products retailers. In addition to securing a good selling track record in garden centres, Spiraclimb is a popular product with mail order companies.

Mail Order Spiraclimb

Website Mail Order - Excellent profit, a popular product, zero hassle!
Spiraclimb can be quickly added to your website product range - we provide text and images. Orders are despatched the same working day - one email from you and the order is processed. Hassle-free monthly invoicing for ease of payment.

Wholesale Spiraclimb

Wholesale - Garden Centres, Nurseries and Retail Outlets
Spiraclimb acts as an excellent trigger for a range of additional garden items
Boost the retail value of climbers by growing them on a Spiraclimb
Very generous gross margins make Spiraclimb a profitable product to stock

Wholesale and Mail Order Spiraclimb
Why not do both?
If you have both a retail outlet AND a website that customers order from, there is no reason why you cannot sell Spiraclimb through both of those outlets. Maximise your sales and revenue with Spiraclimb!

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