The Spiraclimb was originally designed in 1999 for use on a plant nursery in Godolphin, Cornwall.  It was used for training climbing plants, particularly clematis, allowing for longer growth as the plants climbed around the wire.  This produced incredible, mature climbers that were encouraged to flower. This resulted in much better wholesale prices, easily offsetting the cost of the Spiraclimb and the longer growing period.

The Spiraclimb became a hit with gardeners who used them for all types of pot grown edibles and ornamentals; indoors, in green houses and also in their garden beds.  They were sold in the UK, Europe and the USA through garden centres and mail order.

In the year 2000, Spiraclimb won the Garden Industry Manufacturers Association (GIMA) award for best new product.

Spiraclimbs are delivered in a box containing one to twelve Spiraclimbs.   The more you buy, the better the unit price.

Spiraclimb is designed and made in the UK.

The nerdy bit!   

Spiraclimb plant supports are CNC machine made in the UK from high quality spring steel BSEN 10270-1 SM with a galvanised protective finish. This steel is very difficult to bend by hand or by using hand tools as the wire has a far, far higher tensile strength than typical garden wire of the same or greater diameter. This means, when assembled, the Spiraclimb's ‘coils’ can support the weight of plants and their produce, such tomatoes, without causing a permanent bend in the wire. The Spiraclimb can be assembled and unassembled, on and off the cane, multiple times without it losing its shape. In other words, the wire doesn't exceed it modulus of elasticity Detaching the Spiraclimb from the cane will allow it to return to its original flat coil, so, it can be stored until needed the next season. Out of interest, flowering climbers that are encouraged to grow more horizontally along the coils produce far more flowers than those that race up a straight cane. This is especially true for Clematis which the Spriaclimb was origianlly designed for. The Spiraclimb's wire length is around 3m, so, 3m of growing 'height' can be achieved using a 1m long cane as the plant attaches itself to the Spiraclimbs coils. Allowing the plant this extra growth will encourage it to flower very well. 

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